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Click here for Outage Texting

Text: "outage" to 55050
   *Note: (If a member has more than one account, they need to text "outage home" or "outage well” based on where the outage is, per their predesignated terms that were assigned to each account.)

The Cooperative Resource Center (CRC) is the off-site call center that handles outage reports from Bluestem Electric Cooperative members after normal business hours. Bluestem has now contracted with CRC to also extend a text messaging feature - Outage Texting - to members, should they lose power to their home or property.

Bluestem members who have a mobile phone equipped for sending/receiving text messages and have that phone number listed on their Bluestem account can utilize Outage Texting. Members will receive automated responses to confirm the report has been received and, another text, when power is restored. If a member has difficulties with the text messaging, they can still call the outage numbers listed above. Messaging and data rates may apply.

Outage Text Message Set-up:

Step 1:   Check with BEC Office to make sure your cell phone number is listed on your account

 Step 2:  Go to the following link in a new window to set-up service:

Step 3:  Follow the instructions on the above link to set-up an account that will allow outage text reporting.

Step 4:  Once you receive a text Verification Code on your cell phone enter it into the window prompt on your computer to confirm your account and click "Submit." You are now ready to report an outage at your Location(s). A welcome message should be sent to your mobile phone.

Step 5: View your account set-up screen on your computer and associate key words for each account based on their service location (e.g. "Home", “Well”, "Shop", "Irrigation", etc.). Use these key words when texting outages to allow Bluestem crews to expedite restoration time (e.g. "outage home", "outage well") 

                              To report an outage, do the following:

Text: 55050

Use the message: Outage (Home, Well, Irrigation, etc.) however you have the account designated. 

When CRC receives your message they will auto respond with: Outage reported. 

When power is restored another message is sent out: Power Restored.

Reporting your outage by texting should only be used to report a total service outage. If you need to report items such as blinks, partial power, broken pole or other service related items, or need to report a safety concern, please call the office: Wamego – (785)-456-2212, Clay Center – (758)-632-3111.


                                                            TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT

This Agreement amends and supplements any pre-existing agreement between Customer and Bluestem Electric Cooperative Inc. (Bluestem). 

In addition to any other methods specified in the Agreement, Customer may report service outages to Bluestem by text message to 55050. Customer shall be responsible for any and all expenses and costs incurred by Bluestem (including the cost of dispatching Bluestem personnel) as a result of a false report of a service outage and shall pay the same within 30 days of invoice by Bluestem.

These text messages are processed automatically and not read by a person. If you have a life threatening emergency please call 911. If there is other information related to your outage that would be important for Bluestem to be aware of, please call in your outage by phone and relay that information to an operator.  By opting into outage reporting via text message Customer is also opting into any future text based communication between Bluestem and Customer whether or not it is outage related.              

Dated: July 1, 2017 and effective upon acceptance by Customer




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