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Lightning & Surge Protection

Bluestem offers lightning and surge suppression equipment (for its members only) that can either be leased and or purchased from the Cooperative. The Lightning and Surge Suppression Ring is installed into the meter socket and then the meter into the ring. The meter extends out about four inches further after the ring has been installed.     

The Cooperative can install a Meter Base Surge Suppression Device (MBSSD) at your electric meter to protect your home from lightning strikes and other major power surges. Our technicians do the installation for a one-time fee of $69.95 and applicable sales tax. A service fee of $4.95 per month will be added to your monthly bill. The Lightning & Surge Suppression Ring comes with a warranty that has a $50,000 maximum coverage per household for standard white appliances ($5,000 per appliance). The MBSSD shall always remain property of the Cooperative.

For more information on the Lightning and Surge Suppression Program, call us today. 

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