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Essential Medical Equipment

Today there are many instances where a homebound member, spouse, or child is being medically treated with an electric-powered life support system. In the event of a storm, accident, or planned outage, this could be a cause of considerable concern.
It is impossible for Bluestem to gauantee that the electricity will not go off at some time. Farm quipment and automobiles occasionally hit poles and tear the lines down, lightning strikes, and ice storms come.  Occasionally, our power supplier sustains damage to its equipment, which stops the flow of power to Bluestem.
To eliminate as many problems as possible, we suggest the member do some advance planning that can help:

  1. Call Bluestem's office and advise them of your situation. 
  2. Look into obtaining or borrowing a personal emergency standby generator.
  3. Have a double-pole, double-throw switch installed for the standby generator.
  4. Remember, Bluestem is concerned about your well being. If we can help, we will. By working together now, we can reduce those problems you face when the electricity goes off.


If you or a member of your family requires special breathing or health equipment, please notify Bluestem.  Your name and location will be included on our Medical Alert Listing.  Please fill out a Verification of Life Threatening Conditions form and return it to our office.

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