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Comfort Plus

Bluestem Electric Cooperative has partnered with Attic Report Card to roll out the most progressive and exciting service we have ever offered our membership–Comfort Plus!

The problem with most homes is poor attic insulation and air sealing which are the number one causes of energy loss in a home. This is especially true in the hot summer months. The average house of Bluestem members has one-third of the recommended amount of attic insulation and suffers from poor air sealing.

Why is the attic so important in summer? It’s a common misunderstanding that heat rises. The truth is, heat moves to cold. Hot air rises, but heat seeks to reach balance by moving to cold. In the summer, your attic is like an oven and that heat is racing into your home and shoving the cold air out.

Attic insulation and air sealing is your only protection. The only protection you have from this “oven’s” heat is your attic insulation. Energy Star standard for insulation in your attic is R-60. So if you don’t have the equivalent of 17 inches of dense cellulose in your attic, your home is under insulated and you are paying too much for your energy cost.

In 2014, Bluestem Electric introduced the Attic Report Card service–a 12-point attic inspection offered for free ($99 value) to all Bluestem members. This service has helped hundreds of rural Kansas homeowners discover how well their attics are insulated. This service also provides specific options to make improvements to your attic. Several members have made improvements and are delighted with the results.

Introducing Comfort Plus–Energy Efficiency Investment Program. Bluestem Electric’s Comfort Plus program is an energy efficiency investment program that allows members to bring the attic insulation and air sealing up to Energy Star standards with no up-front cost. You get a more comfortable home with lower energy costs NOW and make a small monthly payment on your electric bill. Monthly energy savings are usually projected to be more than the monthly payment for the improvements. It’s a true win-win!

Here is how the program works:
1. Go to and click “Grade My Attic” to schedule your assessment.
2. Bluestem Electric pays for the up-front cost to bring your attic to the Energy Star standard.
3. According to Attic Report Card, you could save up to 35 percent on heating and cooling costs.
4. A line item is added to your electric bill each month. Your energy savings are projected to cover the line item.

The monthly payment is attached to the meter of the house. Should you move, it stays with the meter and does not follow you.

Call the Comfort Plus help center if you have questions at 785-630-5070. 

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